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The following links will allow you to access more information. Discover more about the Czech Republic, Highlands region, its inhabitants, architecture and much much more. This country, you will discover, is indeed one of the hidden gems of Europe.

The Region/Country

This web site allows you to read about the history of the Czech Republic, region by region. It will supply you with all the information you need to plan ahead and choose things to do during your holiday. It also allows you to get a pictorial flavour of the regions through its Picture Gallery. Start your tour at the former district town of  Zdar nad Sazavou.

For those who want to find out about the centres of population, this site gives an insight into the history of these towns. The site allows you to explore the whole country but we have directed our link to Jihlava, the new district town in the region where our holiday cottage is situated.

Want to learn about the Czech Republic and have fun at the same time? The Fun Trivia web site lets you do exactly that. Find out how much you know about this beautiful country in a series of multiple choice quizzes before checking the correct answers along with your score. From the acclaimed writer, Franz Kafka to the father of Genetics, the father of pyschoanalysis or famous tennis players such as Ivan Lendl, you will be surprised to find out who and what the Czech Republic has given to the world. Find out at this site, specially catering for Czech trivia.

This site provides you with a flavour of what to expect from Czech food and cooking. Although Czech cuisine is not the best choice for vegetarians, everybody will most likely find at least a couple of meals "to die for".  Get a taste of what culinary delights lie in store during your visit to the Czech Republic and learn the vocabulary you may need when ordering food or drink during your visit.

This is a map that will provide you with maps and directions throughout the whole country.

Tourist Authorities and Language

The official Czech Tourism site supplies a comprehensive list of information about the country, its history, castles, UNESCO sites and activities.

As you move further away from the main centres of population, you may find that a few words and phrases will help you communicate with the people and understand their culture. This site supplies a lot of information about the Czech language and culture.

Another site that provides a phrasebook of the Czech language. For those who prefer to learn by hearing the phrases spoken, this is the site for you.


The region of Vysocina is ideal for cycling with 1000's of kilometres of cycle tracks and quiet roads. This site gives listings of routes for every region along with signs to help the cyclist navigate these routes.

This site provides pictures of Pernstejn Castle and its layout. This 800 year old castle is well worth visiting.

This is the web site for the sailing club at Velke Darko.

This site provides video footage of windsurfing at Velke Darko and gives the viewer an idea of the conditions on the lake.

For those who take a general interest in nature, these sites specialise in supplying information about Ornithology in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic presently has 10 sites designated as Wetlands of International Importance, with a surface area of 41,861 hectares. In addition it provides many other habitats to provide a home and shelter to many different species. Read about Czech Republic birding and get links to other specialist sites  or  find out about Czech Republic Hotspots.

We have not found a web site for fishing in the Czech Republic but the Czech Angling Federation can be contacted by e-mail at

Other Interesting Information

Although these cars are, sadly, seen less and less on the roads of Central/Eastern Europe these days, the Trabant still holds a special affection in many people's hearts. This site gives a good indication of what it is like to own and drive one of these delightful little cars that have been the affordable transport main stay across central Europe for many years. The site also offers links to other sites for those who would like to find out more.

For those who have an interest in Philately, this site provides an extensive background into the stamps of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Gallery contains, besides works of art used on stamps, a lot of information about the background and history of stamp art in former Czechoslovakia and in the modern Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Czech Republic has a rich history of classical music with many great composers having been born there. The most famous of these are probably Dvorak and Janacek. This link takes you to a site where you will be able to get a complete listing of all Czech classical composers.

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