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  1. Activities - NZ Online - Here is an on line viewing station where people can view and book New Zealand outdoor / tourist activities from anywhere in the world, any time. There is a large selection of activities to choose from. 01-06-05

  2. Cruises Treks Tours n Fishing - Travel New Zealand, and journey off the beaten track with the eco / cultural adventure specialists. 13-06-05

  3. Mosaic Travel Personalised Travel in New Zealand 25-06-05 - For luxury, relaxation or thrill seeking adventure, Mosaic Travel will create an experience that will fill you with life long memories.

  4. New Zealand Online Travel Services - YourTravelWorld.Com - New Zealand rental cars, motor homes and camper vans. 28-06-05

  5. New Zealand Travel Guide 25-06-05 - Create your own customized itinerary for travelling in New Zealand based on your own choices of activities and accommodation. The complete New Zealand travel planning solution.

  6. New Zealand Trip Advisor - Comprehensive New Zealand trip advice on New Zealand vacations, holidays, tour packages, shopping, maps, culture, air New Zealand, travel to New Zealand, hotels and motels, immigration, herald, news, Auckland, real estate, Wellington, university... 04-08-05

  7. New Zealand Holiday Network 25-06-05 - A New Zealand holiday guide providing visitors with information on where to stay and what to see and do while in New Zealand

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Useful Resources