Yvelines, France


Discover the beautiful Forest of Rambouillet (its oak trees three hundred years old, its deers, its roe-deers, and its delicious mushrooms) by :

- Walking : several good flare paths to take tours on.

- Bicycle : 60 kms of cycling paths and also for mountain bikes (rent for biking and mountain biking in Rambouillet).)

- On a horseback: possibilities to rent a horse in one of the many centers nearby what allow you to even follow the deer hunt from October till March.

Tennis: Tennis-Club of Poigny-la-Forêt

Golf: Golf Clubs of Maintenon, La Queue-des-Yvelines , Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines and Vaucouleurs.

Excursions: Rambouillet (it’s castle, it’s park and it’s famous Bergerie Nationale) and the other « Royal Towns » in the Yvelines - Marly-le-Roi, Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Versailles - all situated less then 30 minutes.

The very beautiful Valley de Chevreuse, it’s Natural Regional Park and the famous castles (Breteuil, Dampierre, La Madeleine).

To admire the free animals at the “Espace de Rambouillet”, the Château de Sauvage or the Zoological Park of the Château de Thoiry which also presents it’s botanic garden.

Walking through Paris, accessible by car in nearly 45 Minutes or by train in 35 minutes from Rambouillet.

10 July 2007




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