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Hania is known as the city of flowers and was once the ancient capitol of Crete.  According to myth, Hania was built by Kydon, the protector of travellers.  Hania is famous for its Venetian Harbour, historic lighthouse, and natural beauty.  Along the harbour, you can enjoy endless shopping, museums, craft shops, quaint cafes and restaurants with traditional and international cuisines.  Hania is not only a place with exquisite natural sites, but rich in archaeological and historical sites. 

With over 300 days of sunshine each year it enjoys the record for Europe, yet in the summer months the intense heat is eased on the north coast by the breeze from the water and the White Mountains in the south.  There are over 30 kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches for you to choose from.  For outdoor activities, you can enjoy hiking, jet skis, paragliding, diving, a water park, go-carts, mini-golf, trekking or a nice nature walk.

It is strongly recommended you rent a car for travel, however, public transportation and taxis can fulfil most of your travel needs.  The Hania Airport and Souda Bay are 12 kilometers from Hania and 18 kilometers from the villas.   To travel by plane from Athens to Hania it would require 30 minutes and 5 hours by ferry. 

The villas are a ten minute walk or 1/2 a kilometer from the town of Galatas.  You can enjoy the village atmosphere as you visit the kafenio (local cafe) or local restaurants.  At the center of Galata you can visit the baker and the local butcher or shop at their mini markets.  The people of Galata are warm and friendly and welcome visitors who appreciate their town.

There is also a lake 1 kilometer away that is part of the european Natura 2000 wildlife conservation program. The lake is a migratory stop for birds, travelling between Africa and Northern Europe. Visitors will enjoy beautiful walks, passing through endless orange orchards. 

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