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If you have a holiday cottage or apartment, you can advertise it on this site.  We pride ourselves on providing a website that is clear and simple to use.  Seekers of self-catering holiday cottages can easily find what they are looking for, because the properties are displayed in a concise manner.  We are also popular because we rank high in the search engines.  We currently specialise in accommodation throughout Europe and are growing and expanding fast with more cottages being added daily.

As holiday cottage owners, we found the internet invaluable in selling our own cottages.  Despite taking out several newspaper adverts, we successfully booked 95% of the year through our website in the space of just 3 months.   It is not enough to have a website.  It is necessary to market the website in order to attract  a maximum number of visitors.  This is done through our knowledge of  how to design the pages.  Our prices are a fraction of the cost of more traditional forms of advertising.  See below.


We offer two cost options:


Commission paid only if booking taken - no advertising fee

If you opt for this, your cottage is advertised using our contact details.  When your cottage is booked, we deduct 10% of the booking fee from the deposit of 40% which is requested at the time of the booking (if the booking is made less than 8 weeks before the start of the holiday, then the full booking fee is requested).  Having deducted our fee, we send you the remainder, along with the client's contact details.  The price of your cottage is negotiated with you in advance and you are free to accept or decline any bookings.




No Commission

If you prefer not to pay commission, we can advertise your cottage using your own contact details.  The client may contact you directly with their enquiry.  For this we charge a modest annual fee.  See below:

First Page

We charge 40/year for a one page advert.  This could include two photographs of your cottage with up to 200 words of  text.  In addition we would include information on the rental range, along with your own contact details.

Website Link

If you would like a link to your own website, we charge only an extra 30 for this.  You may be aware that Google ranks websites more highly if more websites link to it.  But if you provide a reciprocal link back, it counts for zero.  By providing a link to your website, we therefore increase the popularity of your site and therefore increase your visitors.

Extra Pages

Further pages cost 15 per page.


If you would like us to provide you with a calendar page, the charge will be an additional 5 per year.  You will be given a username and password, so that you will be able to keep this up to date yourself.


We will also undertake to update the content of your advertisement for 5 per update.

Launching to Search Engines

We will also undertake to launch your pages to the major search engines, FREE OF CHARGE.  We also work to ensure that your pages achieve high ranking on the internet, by using keywords relevant to your accommodation.  In this way, when a client types in a keyword phrase in the search engine, they will be able to find the page more easily.

We believe this price structure to be extremely competitive as a lot of other similar websites are charging in excess of 5 TIMES more than us per year.

Please email us on  if you are interested in adding your cottage or apartment to this website.  Alternatively, you can call us on 020 8893 3172 or 07980 747092.

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